Guest Introduction

كريغ: مرحبا. أنا قسنطينة كريغ.

جوني: And I’m Jonny Hart.

كريغ: And this is Parkour, وقالوا أن. Jonny Hart has studied fine arts atWait, what does this say? He teaches for Los Angeles but went to school in New York?

جوني: I went to both.

كريغ: I’m so confused. حسنًا. Wait. He’s from Los Angeles and then he went to school

جوني:at the L.A. Academy of Figurative Art. And then went to New York Academy of Art.

كريغ: And then went to New York, and went to an outside class called [00:00:30] Fit Strong?

جوني: Get Strong.

كريغ: Get Strong, حق. And met Jesse Danger. This is so complicated. All right, let’s try this again. This is Jonny Hart and he’sYou know what, أنا مش ’ أدري. It doesn’t matter. He uses Parkour to teach art to kids, he uses art anatomy to teach Parkour to kids. It’s really complicated, we’ll try and untie some of it.