Podcast: Interview with Paul Graves


Paul brings his extensive experience to bear to provide insight into Capoeira. We go on to talk about how movement itself can be a conversation, before we dig deep into the human need to experience nature as part of our lives, as well as part of our parkour practice.

Paul Graves is difficult to pin down. I had trouble trying to figure out how to introduce them, but that’s not what I mean. I mean he is literally difficult to pin down. He’s frenetic, and yet laser focused. His playing of the full body motion arcade game, Speed of Light, has been described as terrifying. He works for, oh wait that’s redacted. Okay, well let’s say he’s a project manager for software development teams. He’s also a tree climbing, in-line skating, dancing, singing, Capoeiraista, mover, who also seems to enjoy cooking and writing.

Role reversal: You spoke, we listened

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback (most of it positive, thank you for that!) but some of it has been constructive criticism about the layout of the web site and it’s navigation.

We’ve made several changes this morning that we hope will address the most common issues we heard…

The three main ways that the site content is organized — by question, by person, and by podcast — are now more clearly shown by the Questions, People and Podcasts links in the top navigation menu.

The About item has been expanded to include a sub-menu of choices making it easier to find information on some basic topics: Contributing your writing, Translations, Parkour They Said on social media, and . . .

We’ve exposed the Parkour, They Said Blog posts. This site — this entire project — is not a blog; It is a collection of writing, contributions and podcasts. But many people have been asking for more “behind the scense” information. So, here it is. :)