Guest Introduction

크레이그: 안녕하세요. 나는 크레이그 콘스탄틴.

쟈 니: And I’m Jonny Hart.

크레이그: And this is Parkour, 그들은 말했다. Jonny Hart has studied fine arts atWait, what does this say? He teaches for Los Angeles but went to school in New York?

쟈 니: I went to both.

크레이그: I’m so confused. 좋아. Wait. He’s from Los Angeles and then he went to school

쟈 니:at the L.A. Academy of Figurative Art. And then went to New York Academy of Art.

크레이그: And then went to New York, and went to an outside class called [00:00:30] Fit Strong?

쟈 니: Get Strong.

크레이그: Get Strong, 오른쪽. And met Jesse Danger. This is so complicated. 좋습니다, let’s try this again. This is Jonny Hart and he’sYou know what, 난 ’ t 알고. 그것은 중요 하지 않습니다.. He uses Parkour to teach art to kids, he uses art anatomy to teach Parkour to kids. It’s really complicated, we’ll try and untie some of it.