Først av, Takk for å uttrykke interesse bidra! Jeg ’ har skrevet her for å forklare prosessen. Det ’ er veldig veldig enkel, men hvis du har spørsmål, be.


~ Craig Constantine

Hvordan fungerer dette?

Du bestemmer hvilke spørsmål du vil skrive om. Les listen over spørsmål.

Merk det er en “Hva ønsker du å dele?” spørsmål. Hvis du har noe å si hvilken spiller ’ t synes å passe under andre spørsmål, deretter skrive et svar på dette spørsmålet.

Er det en godkjenningsprosess?

Det er ingen godkjenningsprosesser. Som privatdrevne webområde, vi publiserer etter vårt skjønn. Men hele poenget med dette prosjektet er å få alle ’ s meninger i markedet av ideer:

Redigerer du hva jeg skriver?

Vi Rediger ikke.

Hvor mange spørsmål må jeg svare?
Do I have to submit them all at once?

You are invited to answer as many, or as few, questions as you like. You can send them in one by one, or all at once.

What language should I write in?

Send your answers in your preferred language. The web site automatically translates to and from many languages. (Check out the “Oversettelse” menu in the footer, or read more on the Oversettelser side.) Note that we primarily read and write English, so please communicate with us in English if possible.

To submit your writing in a language other than English:

  1. Check the Translation menu in the footer to see that we support the language.
  2. Tell me what language you are using.
  3. Include the spørsmål in English so I correctly post your answer.

You do ikke need to translate your answer into English.

How do I submit my answers?

If we emailed you, then simply reply, including the questions and your writing.

You can also send us your writing via the contact form on the About apge.

How are answers formatted when published?
Can I include links, formatting, images, video?

We publish your answers as plain text. You are welcome to use typographical conventions to _emphasize_, add *weight* or do other things :*P

The site is set up so that each contributor has an archive page, and it has a space for one link. Your archive page is linked to your name below each of your answers, and is linked from the page listing all People. (For eksempel, you can see my archive page.)

When do my answers get published?

We need to schedule publishing to keep things sane for the readers. There’s no way to know in general when we’ll get to your answers. Som sagt, we will try to give you a general idea of how deep the publishing queue is.

Can I make changes later?
Can I get my answers taken down?

ja. Just let us know what you want changed or removed.

HOWEVER, the Internet remembers everything. Once we publish your answer, we have no control over search engines, web sites, social services, etc that might notice, copy or remember what you wrote.

Don’t forget your link

Each contributor has an archive page that displays all of their answers. At the top of that page, there’s a place for one link. We don’t allow links in the answers you write, but we’ll gladly include a link on your contributor page.