What do you call your practice?

My practice is a lifelong committment to a better self, a committment to movement diversity & general physical preparedness, commuity engagement & activation, and positive energy & self challenge.

Rather than a sprint, it is a marathon; A discipline of life that requires work-life-play balance, as well as moderation, variety, and a forward looking approach; it is not about jumping the biggest jump of my 27 yr old body, but running, crawling, climbing, swinging, and jumping when I’m 90.

What are you working on now?

At any time I have at least a dozen or so projects I am actively engaged in–from playground design and architectural work to program & event organization. During the 2016 summer, some key projects include:

– Art of Retreat event organization
– Womens Ntl Gathering organization
– Design & construction of several playgrounds in NYC
– Movement Game Library curation
– Research for my book!

In my personal practice though, I am working on mindfulness in my movement, including exploring movement as a tool for meditation.