Как начались тренировки? (part 2)

Крейг: How did you go from being the underdog in sports to being the guy who founded the Miami University’s men’s gymnastic team?

Andrew: Да, that’s kind of weird. Honestly, it’s weird saying it like that, because I [00:05:30] never even thought I was going to be doing that. I didn’t mean to, it just happened. A guy in my dorm walking down the hall one day freshman year was like, “Эй, anyone interested in going to tryout the gymnastics team?” Я был как, “Ooh, I can’t do gymnastics, but I’ve always wanted to do a back flip.” …and he’s like, “I’ll teach you a back flip, no problem.” Я, как, “Хорошо, I’m in. Let’s go.We show up, he’s likeAnd we walk in, and it’s all women. He’s like, “Ох, Да, it’s a women’s team.” Я был как, “Wait.

Крейг: That’s when you discovered that they’re not actually allowed to tell men that they’re not allowed to [00:06:00] join.

Andrew: Yep. No rule against that technically, so I paid my dues and I was on the women’s team. I was hooked. I got the flip bug. I couldn’t quit. No coach or anything, I just taught myself, but I’d go in every day and try.

Крейг: And of course, the guy who hooked you gave up after three weeks because it didn’t hold his interest and

Andrew: Да, he’s long gone and I’m there by myself, literally over in a corner of the gym, just like, “Am I in anyone’s way? I’m going to try things over here.” Да, I started going to competitions, and I justI had a rule I had to try a new skill [00:06:30] every meet on everything. I’d ask guys, the guy in front of me, be like, “Эй, how’d you do that?”

Крейг: What was that move you did right there?

Andrew:Because I’m going to try that in a second.

Крейг: I’m pretty sure there’s an unwritten rule in gymnastics that says you’re not supposed to try new moves at the competition, Правильно?

Andrew: Да. Nobody does that. They were so confused. The judges are looking at me.

Крейг: Where’s the one? How do I give a 1.5?

Andrew: Да, I got a 1.5. That happened. That’s really low. But I tried. It’s something aboutAgain, I was so bad [00:07:00] that I couldn’t quit. Я был как, “I got to get better. I got to try.

Крейг: Да, but passionate, and passion is the thing that I’m picking up in all of our conversations, is that you wind up being so passionate about it then that everybody else is just like, “That looks like fun, even though you’re not doing so good.

Andrew: Да. Нет, I went to a gymnastics meet. It was honestly terrible, but I was having so much fun I didn’t care. It would’ve been a joke, but it was so fun. People would be like, “Эй, he’s really enjoying it.

Крейг: What can you accomplish when you actually don’t care about winning? Why, you can have a lot of fun, and you can grow and learn [00:07:30] a lot.

Andrew: Да. Я ’ знаю. I’m always the guy, if I’m doing something, I do it 100%. I don’t really usually do things halfway in most anything in life, I guess.