Three words to describe your practice?

Craig: The final question, three words to describe your practice?

Andrew: Three words. I think that I would say movement. I’ve talked about that a little bit, but just the value and the deep and raw nature of how connected we as humans are in a movement.

Then I would say love. I think that if you’re not moving with love that you’re [00:29:30] not really experiencing the full depth of movement and what it can be. I move … I like the quote from a famous runner, Eric Liddell. When asked about his running, he said he runs to feel the pleasure of God, and I think that the meaning of that may be confusing but that it’s this idea that [00:30:00] there is a deep value and purpose in doing things beautifully and doing them lovingly. When I train, I want to move with love towards others, towards myself, towards God.

Then my third word would be family. My family has meant a lot to me. I started Parkour with my brothers and sister. I’ve always trained with them. But also the family in [00:30:30] a bigger concept of the community, that my hope and my dream is that you could come back to Akron Movement Family in a couple years and you would walk in and find that there’s a family here, a family of community that has come together around Parkour and trains together, but more than trains together, that we care about each other, that we love each other, that we support each other and are here for each other.

Craig: Thank you very much, Andrew.

Andrew: Thank you.