What are you working on now?


I am Soooo weak. I have been building for a year every day. now that i finally have a gym I’m focusing on getting back into shape.


I’m focusing on creating a functional set of parkour programming focusing on psychology instead of a movement progression. I’m working hard on creating new innovative parkour builds. On the scale of large gym/park space, And on the scale of small, repeatable, modular obstacles. Also working on uping the standard of parkour builds nation wide. Currently working on a way to help standardize marketing for other parkour groups.


I’m a pretty abrasive douche. some people get along GREAT with me and love my straight forward blunt style. So normally when i meet people they either love me or hate me. Both in extremes. Though I’m fine with being hated, I don’t know when I’m hated a lot of the time. so that sucks. I need to know, ya know? Also I would like to be able to control it if I choose. currently since I don’t always know who I’m offending, I don’t know WHEN I’m offending.

What are you working on now?

At any time I have at least a dozen or so projects I am actively engaged in–from playground design and architectural work to program & event organization. During the 2016 summer, some key projects include:

– Art of Retreat event organization
– Womens Ntl Gathering organization
– Design & construction of several playgrounds in NYC
– Movement Game Library curation
– Research for my book!

In my personal practice though, I am working on mindfulness in my movement, including exploring movement as a tool for meditation.

What are you working on now?

Many people who know me think of me as quiet and shy, an introvert, etc, etc. This however, isn’t exactly the case. My mind is constantly going 100 miles per hour, racing here and there, mostly thinking about nothing in particular, yet constantly thinking about something. I’m the kind of person who prefers to listen to a conversation instead of participate in one, mostly because my mouth can rarely keep up with my brain.

That all being said, I’m working on conquering my fears. The key (or so they say) to conquering your fears is to acknowledge said fears, understand them, and then be able to tune them out, shut off your brain so to speak and then just jump, or vault, or whatever it is you were trying to do.

You might be able to see my problem.

I’ve struggled with this problem since I began my training over 3 years ago, although it hasn’t become a serious problem until now. I seem to lack the ability to tune out the fear, shut down my racing thoughts and focus completely on the scary movement in front of me.

So this is what I’m working on, tuning out the fears an insecurities and shutting down my thoughts as much as I can. Sometimes, this means starting back at the basics. Start the movement from scratch, from the foundation. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.

My progress is frustratingly slow, but with determination (and some luck) I’ll get there eventually, no doubt with some road bumps along the way.