On doing what he loves

Craig: So why do you do what you love?

Mat: See that’s an interesting question because I had to learn the hard way of why am I doing the things I don’t want to do? [00:00:30] Or why am I doing the things I hate? Or why am I doing the things that I think that I have to do? For a while, I feel like everybody thinks they have to do a lot of different things, and that there is this pressure growing up and just in our society that you have to do these certain things.

When it came down to it, I thought doing what I love wasn’t really a viable option. I couldn’t really pay my rent and do these different things [00:01:00] if I actually did what I loved. So I felt that I had to make a compromise. I really loved art and doing graphic design and painting and stuff like that. I was like, well, I’ll do graphic design, so that way I can make money.

What I really loved to do was being creative. Like just being creative, but what I ended up doing was becoming a graphic designer and-

Craig: Trying to bend that creativity to fit someone else’s mold.

Mat: And give my creativity to somebody else, [00:01:30] and to help other people, you know to do other people’s visions and dreams. So I did that for 10 years or so. I did that for a really long time until I just got so frustrated, I quit. I just recently got over this whole resentment to computers and technology all together because I was just so-

Craig: Total rage quit. Right. [00:02:00] Burn it all.

Mat: Yeah. I was really frustrated that I spent so many of my years sitting on a computer wishing I was doing something else, looking out the window going oh it’s such a nice day. I wish I could go outside and play.

But you can’t play! You’re an adult. You have to work. You have to make enough money. You need health insurance. You need to pay your rent. You need food. You need to, you know …

Craig: Tow the line. That’s the-

Mat: All these different things that keep you there. But what ended up happening is after [00:02:30] 10 years or so, I mean I got sick a few different times, where it was … It was detrimental to my health and my life.

The first time around, it turned into like an addiction with alcohol and drugs, is that that was my escape. I had to go to work and do these things, sit at a desk for so long. On the weekend, I wanted to have fun [00:03:00] and live life and live life to its fullest and take advantage of the time that I had. The only way that I knew how to do that was to go out and party, to go out to bars and jump on a table or a stage dive or-

Craig: You let it all hang out.

Mat: Do something crazy. And that was my output, but what that did to me over a long period time was make me really unhealthy. Then I found myself weighing like a hundred pounds, and I [00:03:30] was really sick and depressed and hallucinating just on my own, just because of how unhealthy I was. I needed a way out, and that’s when I found Parkour, and that was it.