Three words to describe your practice?

Craig: Of course, the final question. Three words to describe your practice.

Finn: Well, I have tried Parkour. Well, the first word and the most fundamental word for me about Parkour, and maybe about sport in general, [00:22:00] it is located in the word “fundamental”. It is F-U-N. Fun. If you don’t have fun, then you don’t enjoy what you … obviously, then you don’t enjoy what you are doing. You need to have fun to continue enjoying being physical active. So when we are all over the world trying to get people to be more physical active, fighting the [00:22:30] sickness of inactivity, then we need to understand that fun is the best weapon against that. And here, once again about politicians, they are nervous about the word fun. It don’t give them voters, but it is the most used and the most strongest weapon. So fun is absolutely number one.

Second is the challenge, and in some ways is related to fun. [00:23:00] You have to challenge yourself. You have to challenge your way of thinking. You have to challenge your … “They are doing this. How can I … When do I know that this is the limits of what I dare to do and all I want to do,” and that’s the perfect situation, that you challenge yourself but aware, “When do I have to stop?”

Then the last one is, for me, reflection. [00:23:30] You have fun, you challenge, but you also have to understand that what you are doing is part of a bigger picture. It can be something which is very, very, very needful and helpful related to avoid diseases or to create health promotion. It can be a social part, so you have to think about or reflect about, “What is my sport, my activity, doing in this field in [00:24:00] our society?” So fun, challenge and reflection.

Craig: Thank you very much, Finn. It’s been a pleasure.

Finn: Pleasure is mine. Thank you very much, Craig.