What is it about Parkour that you saw as an escape?

Craig: So why Parkour? What is it about Parkour that you saw as the escape?

Mat: When I nailed it down to what I really loved to do, what I really love to do is play. [00:04:00] And Parkour is like the grownup version of play.

Craig: Right or the not yet and the not grown up version of play. It’s just play.

Mat: Yeah. Another thing about Parkour is that I was able to be creative. And that was also why I liked graphic design and being a painter and these other different things I did with visual arts, is I’m a very creative person. And I’m able to be creative with my movement.

Craig: Without having to be nailed [00:04:30] to a desk or a computer, all those things that you wanted to get away from.

Mat: Yes. I could also be very creative as a coach, so I could help other people and help other people learn movement. And that is to me, when I make a lesson plan, it is like painting a picture or making a sculpture or something. But I’m making an hour experience.

Craig: Yeah crafting a journey that you’re going to take people through.

Mat: Yeah, and so [00:05:00] I fell in love with this whole experiencing life, and Parkour has helped bring that out. Where my experiences before with being a painter is you have this experience. You make it, and then it’s on a wall. You know? And you want other people to experience that too.

But with Parkour, it’s that actual, when I jump, I’m in the moment, and I’m living that experience. Then once I have that experience, I can use that as paint and my palette to help others when [00:05:30] I’m doing my classes. And oh, remember that one time where I did that one jump, and I learned all these different life lessons.

Craig: How do I craft this to convey that feeling to them. Right?

Mat: Yeah. I went through a long time really questioning myself though. After I fell in love with Parkour, I just stopped doing art. I stopped painting. I was a tattoo artist for a little bit too, and I just stopped. I put all my stuff in a box, and I still have it in my closet. And I wonder if it’s every gonna come out.

[00:06:00] The thing is I feel completely quenched, like my creative tendencies are being fulfilled through playing around, swinging, jumping, having fun with kids.

Craig: Coaching and right.

Mat: Yeah, I get to be creative every single day in all these different ways is just a lot different, so I thought I was losing a part of me, when I had this transformation, and I was learning Parkour. Because I did art [00:06:30] for so many years, and it was such a big part of my life. I still have it all over my body, so I have that.

And I still love it. I look at other people’s art, and I can really appreciate it and I like to see beautiful things. But now I’ve learned a greater appreciation of experiencing things, of experiencing moments in art and ideas [00:07:00] and being in it.

So to me, Parkour is art. I realized after a few years, I didn’t lose it. I’m still an artist. I’m a life artist. I’m a movement artist. And I can still be creative, and I can play.